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Our Story

Teiruma Collection is dedicated to the research and exploration of knowledge and practices in the different indigenous cultures and settlements of our country. Through the use of their techniques, we manually intervene and edit each piece with contemporary and trendy details to offer concepts in our collections that represent their cultures, creating unique cultural accessories.

Our Founder

The concept of Teiruma was born in 2011 from the passion of founder Jessica Strellec for different cultures, colors, customs, and art. Conceived from a desire to blend art, color, and social work, Jessica decided to work directly with Colombian artisans, starting with the Wayuu community in La Guajira.

Her exciting work has expanded to other communities working with her to co-create products using the Mochilas method, combining different materials such as crochet, wool thread, brass, and iraca palm with leather to create exquisite bags and kitchen utensils.

Before graduating as a psychologist, Jessica dedicated herself to traveling the world to better understand the artisanal traditions of different countries. After several years in her career as a psychologist, she felt something was missing in her life and ventured into working with artisans in Colombia.

From the Wayuu community in La Guajira, Teiruma has expanded its work to other communities such as San Jacinto (Bolívar), Usiacuri (Atlántico), Arhuacos (Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta), Somondoco (Boyacá), and San Gil (Santander). These are all exceptional artisan communities where ancestral techniques are passed down from generation to generation.

What Products Do We Make?

From backpacks to baskets, kitchen utensils, and home accessories, Teiruma always strives to be fresh, experimental, and uses the highest quality materials.

Where Have We Reached?

Teiruma has exported to Japan, the United States, Costa Rica, and other countries. On a national level, it is located in Barrio Latino (Cali), Gallito de Roca (Villavicencio), Bestial Market (Villa de Leyva), and directly at the office. Currently, Teiruma has a large family of artisans and collaborators who have allowed us to reach where we are today and who will help us achieve our goals.

Our Values:

Our core value is based on the "CHAIN OF LOVE." Through this, we seek EQUALITY, creating equity in the teamwork we carry out with our artisans by ensuring fair work and payment. For our brand, it is essential to have an IDENTITY through its products that rescues the artisanal traditions of our country. That's why we CO-CREATE with our artisans, making them a fundamental part of our brand.

Our Mission:

Teiruma is a brand that, from its beginnings, has produced unique designs that tell a story over time. We highlight elegance and good taste, co-creating unique pieces through different artisanal techniques.

Our Vision:

To grow further nationally and position the brand internationally, strengthening all our visibility channels. Employment generation remains one of our goals. We aim to innovate in our production processes.

Our Differentiation and What Sets Us Apart:

Teiruma is a synergy of culture, luxury, and fashion. Our essence lies in valuing the characteristics of an ethnic piece while understanding the desires of contemporary women. Through our interventions, we enhance a culturally rich piece and make it more appealing to our customers. Several product characteristics make consumers willing to make an extra purchasing effort for the brand. These include high creative content that ensures the authenticity of the piece and the manual (artisanal) component that guarantees quality.

Are We Proud of Teiruma?

We are proud of what Teiruma represents, the growth it has achieved, the chain of love we have fostered, the value of Colombian products, and the DNA that Teiruma represents for us and our customers.

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